Brushing Advice


🚨Sorry for the long post I’m trying to be informative🙈🚨
I get asked a lot about the best way to brush your dog so thought I would do a post to try and help everyone out 😊. Most long haired dogs (lhasas, cockapoos, shihtzus, cavapoos) have a tendency to get knotty there for the best brush is a slicker brush (picture on the left) and crutially a comb!!
When dogs get matted it is uaslly due to lots of knots right down at the base of the coat next to the skin, therefore the best way to find these knots is with a long tooth comb which reaches the base of the coat. The best technique to use is to comb through your dog and when you come across a knot then use your brush to brush the knot out, after brushing go back through with your comb to check you got the knot out.
A key thing to remember is that detangle spray is more of a maintenance tool rather than a corrector. Therefore if your dog already has a big knot 9 times out of 10 detangle spray wont get the knot out. Also that bathing your dog wont help remove matts ither, getting your dog wet will just make any knots tighter!
I’m always happy to help so please drop me a message whenever you like 💖