Dog Grooming

From Bath and brushes, Full grooms, Puppy grooms and hand stripping we provide a calm and friendly environment for your dogs to get pampered and looked after.

hand stripping

Hand Stripping

Dogs that are hand strpped have a double / wire coat. If dogs that are usually hand stripped are clipped at all, it affects the texture of the coat. And could make the under coat thin. Resulting in them not being able to be hand stripped anymore.
dog grooming

1:1 Service

We are a friendly, caring dog groomers, who run a 1:1 professional service.
This means that no dogs are waiting to be groomed, unless from the same family.
Dog Sitting

Multi Dog Discount

You may not be aware that we offer a multi dog discount!
This is available for dogs from the same family booked in the same appointment.
nail clipping

Nail Clipping

It is very important to keep on top of having your dogs nails done! If they grow too long the quick (blood supply) in the nails grows as well. Meaning that you can't always get the nails as short as they could be. Also if constantly touching the ground, they can push back causing pain.
dog groomers


Grooming is very important. It helps keep your dogs skin and coat clean, so it can breathe but also helps recognise any issues such as grass seeds that can arise. For doggies that don't need a hair cut, a bath and deshedding can rejuvenate the coat and also help to keep them cool.
loyalty scheme

Loyalty Scheme

We offer all our clients loyalty cards!
Simply ask for one when you pick up your dog(s) and receive 10% off your 5th visit.

Dog grooming is not just for the looks

Benefits of Grooming

Grooming appointments are not just about getting a hair cut. They offer much more than that. Cleaning and trimming nails and ears helps keep away unwanted bacteria and infections.

Some dogs have fur that grows and sheds regularly. Whilst others have hair that doesn't shed at all. Each dog can have unique needs when it comes to grooming in order to support healthy growth and to prevent matting. Our knowledge of different growth patterns of hair and fur mean we can handle brushing and cutting appropriately.

Depending on your dogs breed, along with any skin issues they may have. The grooming services they require will vary. We can suggest specific services that will help your beloved pooch to thrive.

While it's nice to keep your pet looking great, but are you also aware that regular grooming helps your dog regulate their temperature. Not only does excess fur make it harder for them to cool down, but also any mats in their fur makes regulation much harder.

The coats of dog breeds with fur that sheds have a growth pattern. There are three stages; growing, resting and shedding. Fur keeps growing until it reaches its determined length before it dies, falls off and regrows again. Fur is meant to shed before the warmer months. However the domestication of dogs into pets has changed this natural occurrence. So you may find your dog sheds all year round, rather than seasonally.

By visiting regularly, we will become familiar with your dog. Allowing us to notice any abnormalities such as lumps and bumps. Fleas are also an inevitability that comes with owning a dog. During the groom we can check for fleas and their eggs. Regularly washing, brushing and clipping of fur will help in ceasing the growth of fleas.

Grooming Hours

Monday Closed
Tuesday 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Wednesday Closed
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Friday 09:00 AM - 04:30 PM
Saturday 08:30 AM - 04:30 PM
Sunday Closed

At Pawfect, we believe that every paw matters, and we’re dedicated to providing the highest quality care for your beloved pooch! Let us be your partner in ensuring your furry friends live their happiest, healthiest lives!