COVID-19 Update

covid policy

Due to the current out break of corona virus I just have a few things I want to make everyone aware of:
🐾I am cleaning thoroughly between dogs therefor it is extremely important that customers drop off and pick up there dogs on time to allow me to be able to do this properly.
🐾Please meet me outside of the salon where there will be a leid on a hook (that has been cleaned) for you to attach your dog to, when you step back i will then collect your dog.
🐾 you must take any of your collars, leads or harnesses home with you
🐾I am using a pet safe antiseptic proven to kill COVID-19 called leucillin that I will spray on your dog upon their departure.
🐾Where possible please bring the correct cash in a sandwich bag (or envelope if you don’t have one)
🐾Please bring your own pen to sign documents (i have attached a copy of my new policy below which I would appreciate if you could read ðŸ¥°)
🐾Only one member of your house hold may come to drop your dog off unless you have young children
🐾if the big black gates are open just come through them, they are only closed due to the riding school not being open yet

I am very busy at the moment so please be patient and I will get back to any messages as soon as possible.
Stay safe everyone ðŸ’•