Contactless drop off / collection

Contactless drop off

So for anyone wondering here is how contactless drop off and pick up works here is a step by step guide: 1. As you arrive outside of the salon will be a hook with a lead on that i will have washed before your arival. You should remove anything your dog is wearing (collar, lead,coat ect) and place the lead that is hanging up on your dog.

2. You can then hook your dog onto the hook that you took the lead off and step back.

3. Using your own pen you can then sign the paperwork that will be outside of the salon on a clip board that I have cleaned then step back.

4. When you have steped back I will collect your dog and discuss with you at a safe distance what hair cut you would like.

5. Upon collection you will need to sign paperwork again to say you have been and collected your dog.

6. Your doggie will be waiting for you hooked back onto the hook where you left him/her. You can then return your collar and lead back onto your dog, take my lead off and return home 😊I will clean the hook, replace the lead with a clean one and disinfect the clip board between ever dog as well as doing a thorough clean of the salon. I am also using leucillin which is a pet safe antiseptic proven to kill COVID-19 to spray on your dogs coat when you collect them🐾